Ashley Clarke has a unique “assurance” 5 step customer programme. Connecting with our customers on an emotional level is the key to establishing a lasting relationship with our products.

assurance For Partners

Our assurance plan has been created to ensure you receive the best possible service and after care. We've split this into 5 steps:

  • STEP 1Mutual Customers

    We afford all our mutual customers the very best service delivery and wrap around. The Ashley Clarke 5 Step Customer “assurance” plan, together with a culture of transparency that we create through regular updates, meetings and feedback ensures this.

    With all our solutions, we provide clearly defined service level expectations and terms and conditions which we believe are fair and easy to understand.

    We at all times aim for a successful customer partnership with longevity. We are successfully building customer growth and satisfaction by referrals in an industry where “churn” is acceptable to most communication companies. We don’t accept the “churn”, we want our customers to “want” to stay with us.

    To retain our customers well beyond their original contracted term, we fully understand that only an industry leading wrap around service will be acceptable.

  • STEP 2Partner Feedback

    It is important for our successful partnership that we are always communicating. Feedback to you will involve monthly, quarterly and annual updates, plus communication of any relevant progressions and changes when required.

    How- We want to keep you fully informed throughout our partnership, whether that’s via email, over the phone or face to face.

    Why- We value your partnership very much, expect us to communicate often. We also encourage you to contact us when ever you want to.

    When- We will convey any relevant communication we have had with our mutual customer to you within 48 hours.

  • STEP 3Monthly Report

    Every month end we will email you a report on our mutual customers, the report will detail:

    • Current status of solution, including relevant dates and times
    • Feed back from our Mutual Customer
    • The next steps in the Project programme

    In line with the Data Protection Act of 1998, information will only be shared on the products we supply relating to your software.

  • STEP 4Quarterly Review Meeting

    Communication with our valued partners is very important to us and as such, we will afford all of our partners a quarterly review meeting.

    We know these meetings will enable us to maintain our successful partnerships and enable both parties to cover all aspects of the previous quarter.

    There is no better way of resolving issues, discussing current and future projects, than a face to face meeting.

  • STEP 5Annual Report

    At the end of each year, we will email our partners a very comprehensive report, the document will cover:

    • Details of all the quarterly reports in an easy read format
    • Have we exceeded our customers expectations
    • What our mutual customers say about us
    • Our views on what will be exciting innovations in the forthcoming year

    The “assurance” plan forms the basis of our partnership and allows us to engage and communicate with you efficiently and effectively and provide the best care and service delivery for our mutual customers.

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