Ashley Clarke has a unique “assurance” 5 step customer programme. Connecting with our customers on an emotional level is the key to establishing a lasting relationship with our products.

assurance For Customers

Our assurance plan has been created to ensure you receive the best possible service and after care. We've split this into 5 steps:

  • STEP 1Customer Information Survey

    We ask a lot of questions…


    Because we want to fully understand your business and ICT needs so we can afford you, our customer, the very best service delivery and service wrap around.

  • STEP 2Tailored solution build and presentation

    We have asked a lot of questions. Now is the time to ensure we are all on the same wave length, that we have fully understood your requirements both from a business and technical perspective. If we have missed anything please let us know.

    All our solutions are designed and built by our very experienced technical team.

    To accompany all our solutions we provide our Service Level expectations and our Terms and Conditions. They are easy to understand and we believe they are fair. This gives you the ability to check the finer points before making an informed decision.

  • STEP 3Project commencement

    You have contracted with us to supply a fit for purpose solution that exceeds your expectations. Our project team will engage with you and walk through the process from start to finish. Communication is what we do, and we believe communication with our customers is key to ensuring a successful implementation.

    Expect us to communicate often. Some of the information will be meaningful, but sometimes we’ll just let you know things are progressing as normal.

    You will also be given key stakeholders details should you at any time need to contact us. It is in all of our best interests to ensure we remain on the same page through this process.

  • STEP 4Acceptance of live service

    Once the solution has been delivered if full you will be advised by our team to test and ensure it meets your requirements (as contracted). It is important that you are happy and that we have properly matched the solution to your needs.

    We ask that this process take no longer than seven days. Once you are happy we would like you to formalise this by signing off the acceptance of the live service.

    If you are not happy with the solution please also let us know so we get off on the right foot by making any necessary changes.

  • STEP 5Delivery of the Customer Support Plan (CSP)

    Upon delivery of your solution you move from our project team to our live service and account management team. To best manage your service needs and to ensure we are here to support you, we provide you with the tools to engage with us efficiently and effectively.

    Our directors Jonathan and Paul have created the ‘assurance’ plan, it is their vision and the buck stops with them. Should you need to speak to either of them at any time just pick up the phone and call them. They love to hear positive feedback as well as letting us know how we can make further improvements.

    It may seem cliché but you are our customer and you matter to us!

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