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Ashley Clarke’s directors, technical engineers and sales team are very proud to afford our customers with the very best of breed products with an unrivalled wrap around customer service and delivery, all guaranteed by way of our 5 step “assurance” plan

Assurance, our 5 step service plan

All our services are guaranteed by our 5 step service plan, to ensure you receive the best service and aftercare

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A Fibre based broadband product which delivers higher “up to” speeds with a maximum potential of 80Mbps download and 20Mbps upload

  • A connected service, shared with other premises in the locality
  • Area dependent, your business has to be in a “fibre enabled area”
  • Fibre is run to the cabinet, with the last mile to the customer delivered over copper
  • FTTC can be supplied as a single site managed internet connection or as a site tail circuit in to an MPLS managed WAN

  • Greater value for money

    Where guaranteed speeds, symmetrical connectivity and SLA's are less of a consideration

No cloud communications company will afford you better service

We deliver cloud services, hosted desktops and intelligent speech via our private cloud platform to many industries including: law firms, estate agents, recruitment, engineering, healthcare, accountants, logistics, call centres, sport clubs and retail.

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